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6 Best Modeling Agencies for Kids

Want to become a kid model? Here are the 6 best modeling agencies for children.

The modeling industry can be potentially lucrative for the select few that find success. Starting out as a model as a child can be a great way to generate a path for your future. Here are the 6 best kid modeling agencies and services for children ages 8-14 years old.

  1. Future Faces NYC

  2. Zuri Models

  3. Generation Model Management

  4. Latitude Talent Studios (Casting Platform)

  5. Ellens Kids

  6. Wilhelmina Models

What is a Kid Modeling?

Kid or child modeling is when a boy or girl between the ages of 8- 14 years old signs with a modeling agency who promotes them to their casting clients. While there are many modeling agencies that specialize in these age brackets, competition is very fierce, as this is the prime time when most people try to get into the modeling field.

What do Kid Model Agencies Scout For?

Every modeling agency is seeks different looks, and child modeling is no exception. While a specific look one year may be in demand, the next year, it may be completely out of style. As of most recently, the modeling field has been scouting children with unique set of looks such as braces, freckles, gaps in their teeth and more. The perfect gerber baby image is not as popular as it once was in the 1970's, allowing children of all looks and backgrounds a chance of success.

Another thing, modeling agencies look for in children models is their parents. While any child would love the idea of posing in front of the camera, it is often the parents that are pushing the child into this industry. Modeling agencies know this and that's why not only a perfect interview for the child is required, but also the parent. Nobody wants to work with a stage parent or those that have an unrealistic expectation of what the industry requires or can deliver.

What to Look Out For

Any minor should always be accompanied by an adult, specifically a parent or guardian to any potential meeting with a modeling agency, or model scout. It is also best to avoid high priced photo shoots which are rarely needed for children, since they change so quickly. Many legit modeling agencies that take on your child will provide a list of quality photographers they use.

What are the Best Markets?

While the best markets for the modeling industry are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, children modeling is a bit different. Regardless of your location whether that be in Alabama or New Hampshire, there is always a demand for children models for advertisements. Connect with a local modeling agency that's trusted and has great online reviews.

Be Realistic

If you are trying to get your child into kid modeling, you have to be realistic in your approach. First, make sure that your child really wants to become a model and has what it takes to succeed. This means being able to follow direction, interview well, and that you are all able to travel in the case of a casting call in another area. If you are unsure on how to get started, there are highly rated platforms, such as Latitude Talent which can provide a foot in the door.

With these tips and top rated agencies, you are on your way to have your child start in modeling!


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