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5 Top Modeling Agencies in Arizona

Arizona has a thriving modeling scene. Here are the 5 best modeling agencies to sign with.

If you are trying to find the best Arizona modeling agencies, you have a handful of opinions. While not known for being the best market to become a model, a couple of modeling agents and companies stand out from the others. Before applying to any agency or service, you have to do your research. Find reviews of companies in your area to ensure your goals match what the agency offers. Now that you are on your way, here are the 5 best agencies and services in Arizona to look into as a model.

  1. Signature Models and Talent - 480-966-1102 City: Scottsdale, AZ

  2. Priority Talent Agency - 480-313-6450 City: Mesa, AZ

  3. Ford/Robert Black Agency - 480-966-2537 City: Scottsdale, AZ

  4. Latitude Talent Studios - 888-293-1704 City: Online Casting Service

  5. Dani's Talent Agency, LLC - 602-263-1918 City: Tempe, AZ

  6. - Arizona and Nationwide Casting Website, 2024 Best Winner

Should you travel?

With Scottsdale is the best city for modeling in Arizona, commercial models under 5'8 (female) and under 6'0 (male) have options. Since most agencies in the Arizona market are commercial, you have a leg up compared to editorial models. Many models starting out think that applying to agencies is their only option. Latitude is a highly rated platform for those starting out. Since Latitude is not an agency, you can access public casting calls as a beginner.


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