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5 Best Kansas Modeling Agencies

Thinking about getting started as a model in Kansas? Here are 5 top modeling agencies to sign with.

When you think of becoming a model, Kansas is not the first place that comes to peoples minds. That does not however mean that getting started as model is impossible in Kansas. Here are the 5 best modeling agencies to start with.

  1. Career Images Model & Talent Agency Inc.

  2. IMPACTmodels

  3. Vanbros and Associates

  4. Gregory Services Inc.

  5. Latitude Talent Studios (casting platform)

Each of these agencies and platforms bring on a different approach to working with talent however each have one thing in common: to help models succeed. While Kansas is not top destination for models, there is a growing commercial modeling market which welcomes models of all looks. Wichita, KS is the best market for models as they tend to have the most options for models.

Casting Websites

Models need agencies to get them to the next level, but most require some type of experience. Casting websites like offer a cheap way to access casting calls in places like Kansas.

Can you get signed to a Kansas Modeling Agency?

Of course, however getting signed in any market is hard. While Kansas is a bit easier for commercial models, agencies tend to be selective. Commercial modeling tends to be around 5'2-5'7 for females and 5'6'-6'0 for males.

If you want to become a model, Latitude Talent Studios is a great platform to start with. Click here to join.


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