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4 Highly Ranked Modeling Agencies in Massachusetts

Boston is an up and coming market for models and actors. Once called "Hollywood East" Massachusetts has some old players in the modeling industry. Here are 4 highly regarded agencies.

If you're new to the modeling industry and looking for representation in Boston, you may want to try Dynasty Models. This agency has been around for a over decade and represents a diverse roster of male and female models. They specialize in editorial, fitness, and commercial talent and have a large roster of successful clients. This agency is highly selective and promotes new and emerging models who have great potential. If you're looking for a modeling career, you may consider working with this agency after meeting with them.

1.) Dynasty Models is a well-known agency in Boston. The agency has worked with Coca-Cola, Rebook, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Vogue magazine. Its experience is unparalleled. Whether you're looking to land a big shot in the fashion industry or just learn the ropes of the business, Dynasty can help you find a great career. All of these agencies are great places to start.

Located in: 501 Boylston

Address: Work Bar, 399 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Hours: 9AM- 5PM

Phone: (774) 507-6314

While many agencies focus on fashion and commercial modeling, some focus on other types of models. The Dynasty Models agency focuses on recruiting teenage girls, women in their twenties, and young women from around the world. These models are hired by some of the biggest names in fashion. If you're interested in working with these agencies, make sure to check out their websites. The best modeling agencies in Boston can help you achieve your goals!

Address: 35 Newbury St #5, Boston, MA 02116

Hours: ⋅ 10AM- 6PM

Phone: (617) 536-2639

2.) Maggie Inc. is a model management agency based in Boston, USA. Maggie Inc. represents high fashion male and female models. Maggie agency has a long-standing history in the industry. They have a wide range of clients and a variety of looks. They are a newer player in the industry, but their models are among the best in Massachusetts.

Maggie Inc. Boston agency has a diverse clientele, and has worked with many of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Whether you're a model who is interested in commercial or lifestyle projects, the Maggie has connections to the top designers and fashion companies in the world. The best modeling agencies in Boston are the ones that specialize in different kinds of modeling.

WSM Talent

Address: 28 Inn Street, Newburyport, MA 01950

Hours: 8AM- 6PM

Phone: (978) 985-6077

3.) The WSM Talent agency is a relatively new player in the modeling industry. Their model recruits are looking for people with diverse looks and backgrounds. They have a great network and are ready to help you get started as a model.

WSM Boston agency is a small, but effective modeling agency in Boston. They work with models from diverse backgrounds and work with different looks, including a variety of ages and backgrounds. WSM also have a satalie office in New York city, so it can be helpful for models that can travel for open calls and casting gigs.

Latitude Talent Studios

545 8th Avenue New York NY

4.) Latitude Talent Studios is an online platform for models and actors. While not an agency, Latitude is a listing service that helps to connect talent to over 380 Models and Talent agencies as well as nationwide casting opportunities. It's a good start and highly rated for any one looking to test the waters to see if modeling or acting is right for them.

Look out for Red Flags

As a new model, especially in smaller market like Boston, it is important to look out for model red flags. Spending thousands of dollars on photo shoots are not required by real modeling agents. Agencies like to see clean and clear photographs, not heavily edited photographs. If someone offers to send you a check in the mail for a booking, or requires a deposit over the phone to meet, those are red flags.

There are so many modeling agencies in Boston, and each one has its own special unique niche. These agencies specialize in specific areas of modeling and some even acting. Some model scouts specialize in lifestyle and commercial campaigns, while others specialize in more specific niches, like TV spots. These modeling agencies will help you get your foot in the door and may help you find a casting call gig. To find the best agency for your needs, begin by exploring your options. In addition to finding the right agency, be sure to consider their credentials and experience.


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