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3 Top Modeling Agencies in Pennsylvania

Think you have what it takes to become a in model? Here are some of the best agents to start out with.

If your goal is to become a model, there are a variety of options to seek out if you are in a market like Pennsylvania. Many beginners find it difficult to land an agent or get scouted when they are first starting in the field. It is important to only work with agents and managers who represent your look and background. This will save you time if you want to start modeling now. In a smaller market, your best bet is to go to the closest major city which is happens to be Philadelphia. Another major market to try your hand in is New York City. If traveling is hard for you, here are the 3 Top Agencies and Services to look into locally.

  1. Click Models of PA Click Models in a major modeling and talent agency in the United States with offices in New York, Miami and LA. The PA office seems to represent commercial/lifestyle models with a variety of looks in the Philadelphia Area. Highly Rated for: Tall Models, Unique Looks, Runway

  2. Reinhard Agency 2021 Arch St #400, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Reinhard has been the leading agency in the Philadelphia market since 1977 working with models and actors. Reinhard is SAG-AFTRA franchised According to their website, for any person interested in representation the first step is to send in your photographs. Highly Rated for: SAG Experienced Actors, Experienced Lifestyle Models

  3. Latitude Talent Studios New York, New York Latitude Talent is a digital platform for models and actors of all backgrounds. Casting opportunities match a talent specifications allowing a streamlined approach for beginners in all markets. Subscription based and most new talent. Highly Rated for: Beginners, All Looks/Backgrounds

Models come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Whether you are a plus size model, or non-binary, their are many brands looking for fresh talent. In fact, clients are "seeking the minority, not the majority" for their casting needs. While being a model is hard, once you have the right tools, it is easier to approach an agency. If you don't have a portfolio, consider building one with a friend or even hire a professional photographer. Many lifestyle modeling agencies work with commercial talent, so it is best to have a variety of photographs as well as comp cards to send out. Free Casting Call websites can also connect you with opportunities to access, as well as attending Model Boot Camps or online webinars for models and actors. Platforms like Latitude make all the difference for new talent seeking the competitive edge.


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