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3 Top Delaware Modeling Agencies

If fashion modeling is your goal and you live in Delaware, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out there are a few top modeling agencies in your area to look out for. Here are the 3 best ones to get scouted with.

Delaware Modeling Agencies

Many upcoming models think that in order to become a model, you have to travel to New York. While NYC is certainly the place to get signed, as there are literally hundreds of modeling agencies, starting out in DE is possible, if you know who to submit your photographs with. The first step is getting some quality photographs under your belt however the need to spend a ton isn't worth it. After you have some decent pictures, try these top rated places.

1. Steel Model & Talent Agency

Located in Newark, Delaware this agency primary focused on commerical models and talent. It seems as though they are not scouted models any longer however this agency at one time was a great go to if you wanted to submit your photographs and get signed.

2. The Tomi Agency

Tomi Models was located in Wilmington where many agencies typically are head quartered . This is a good place for established models and actors seeking an agency to try out.

3. Latitude Talent Studios

While Latitude isn't an agency, it is certainly a place to get started with. You can learn more and apply here if you are a new model or actor.

Last Thoughts

While Delaware isn't a place you would think of when it comes to modeling, they are certainly a smaller market to start out with. If you are a local talent, first try your hand at these places. If you don't have any luck, try a larger market nearby like New York, Connecticut or Pennsylvania since they are close by.


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