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3 Things Modeling Agencies Look for in New Models

It's more than looks. Here are the things model scouts look out for in new models starting out.

If you are aspiring to become a model, you're in luck. Modeling in 2022 and beyond is so different than it once was. Back in the early 2000's the typical model was tall and thin. Now, models come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 3 things model agents look for in new models.

1. Personality

While your look gets you in the door, your personality is what draws people in. That is much the case when a modeling scout reviews applications for models. Typically, an agency will first interview a model in person or through an online interview through Zoom. This is a chance for them to not only see you in real life, but to learn about you, your experience and objectives. Having a positive personality is important. Many times newer models will be overly confident which is an immediate turn off for most agents. Be yourself and be you, that is the reason why you got a call back in the first place!

2. Location

While applying to agencies is important, choosing the location you apply to is more important. If you are not located in New York and you apply to New York modeling agencies, don't expect a call back. While you may be able to travel, modeling jobs and casting call-backs are often the next day. Agencies that work off a commission won't expect a model to travel 300 miles for an audition, so if you are not located in a big city, apply to agencies in your town or locally.

3. Desire

If you ask anyone if they want to be rich and famous, the answer will be is YES! Some people want to get into modeling for that reason and that is not the reason to get started. Modeling is often a lower-paid position compared to acting (and is not a guaranteed profession). If you are not willing to put in the work then this is not the industry for you. Agencies do not like to waste time on something that is not serious so before you start the process by applying, make sure this is something you really want and are ready to invest in. It takes both a time and monetary commitment, if you are willing to put in the work.

Here's how to Start out as a Model

While applying to agencies is a must, that is not the only option you have. Digital casting platforms like Latitude Talent can help provide models of all backgrounds the chance to get exposure to casting calls, gigs and over 350+ talent agencies. Apply here to become a model and get started.


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