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3 Things Modeling Agencies Look For

Are you aspiring to become a model? Here are 3 things modeling agencies look for.

Starting out as a model is not for the faint of heart. It is a competitive industry to break into. For those that achieve success, it can be both rewarding, fun and lucrative. Here are 3 things model scouts look for in those just starting out.

1. Personality

This is by far the most important thing scouts seek in models they sign. While your look will get you in the door, your personality is what really books you. "It all really comes down to winning the genetic lottery firstly, and also having something about you as a model that differentiates you to all the other models out there, both in personality and in looks. If a casting director likes your looks, then they will use you for their shows." - Ryan Young, Scout from from Elite Models for Mith Magazine.

2. Look

While obvious, modeling scouts seek models that have a specific look for their clients. Gone are the days when you had to be super tall and thin to be a model. Models height can now vary as commercial models are in demand. Your look does not have to the stereotypical image most imagine when they think of a "model", it has to be unique and in demand. Models come in all shapes and sizes nowadays so don't let that hold you back from becoming a model.

3. Experience

While there are so many models that get scouted online and on social media applications like TikTok or Instagram, the majority of models that get signed to an agency have some previous experience. Even small roles like being an extra on a film set, or shooting with local photographs can inspire a modeling agent to take you on. Experience in front of the camera shows the modeling agency that not only the model is bookable, but also reliable and dedicated.

How do you get experience as a model?

Modeling is an art, so if you don't always have to live in a big city like New York to find a modeling agency. You can gain experience by connecting with local photographers to build up your images. Work with as many people you can when you are starting out as a model since networking is key. Always research a potential client or agency prior to meeting in person you are fully prepared for any call backs or auditions.

If modeling is something you are seriously considering trying, Latitude Talent Studios provides an agency alternative as a platform for beginners who are seeking access to public casting calls and agencies. Become a model by joining here.


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