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3 Diverse Modeling Agents in New York

Modeling in 2022 is so different than it once was. Here are the 3 top rated modeling agencies in New York specializing in diverse models of all looks and backgrounds.

Diverse Model Agencies

When you want to become a model, you want to find a modeling agency that represents a diverse group of people. The old fashion stereotype of a model used to be thin and mostly caucasian. However, that is no longer the case. Many brands and agencies are looking for diverse models that can meet the company's and advertisers aesthetic standards.

This means that you should seek an model agency or scout that represents a variety of looks and backgrounds.

Look for an agency with offices in major cities throughout the United States and has good reviews. The best agencies will have a presence in several different cities and may have multiple branches, including offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. If you live in Miami Beach, look for the Deco Models, which represents models of all backgrounds. The agency offers a discovery form online to help you find a fitting agency.

Now, here are the best rated agencies in New York for diverse models:

  1. Community Models: A new agency representing Catalysts of change in their respective disciplines worldwide.

  2. WE Speak Management: A modeling agency working with female models. Specializing in curve and plus size models.

  3. Latitude Talent Studios: A subscription based platform (not an agency or photo studio) for diverse models, actors and influencers

There are many agencies that specialize in certain industries. The ones above work with talent of all backgrounds and looks. A diverse modeling agency is a great place to start your career. There are many types of models, and an agency can work with models of any type. Some of the best options are a diverse range of backgrounds, so you should not be shy or self-conscious. A diverse agency will be supportive of your goals. It will give you the tools you need to reach the top. It will also work with you professionally.


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