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3 Best Modeling Agencies in Rhode Island

Want to start modeling in Rhode Island? Read on for the best agencies to sign with as an aspiring model.

When it comes to modeling, Rhode Island is not the first place you would think of when trying to find a modeling agency. While Rhode Island is not a major market, there are a few agents that work in that area. If traveling is possible, locations such as Boston and New York have the best options for when it comes to finding a model agency.

Dynasty Models, a Boston MA modeling agency works with models on the east coast and has a roster of selected Rhode Island models. WSM Talent, a New York and Boston modeling agency is another modeling firm that allows submissions from Rhode Island models as well.

When starting your search, Providence is a top hub in Rhode Island. Type into Google "modeling agencies near me" to see what comes up. The best 3 modeling agents in RI include:

  1. Donahue Models & Talent Cranston Modeling Agency

  2. IKONIC Model Management - Model Agency located in Providence RI

  3. Latitude Talent Studios - Casting Platform Online

Starting out as model in any market is hard. While Rhode Island is not known for the entertainment industry, it's central location on the east coast makes it easy for aspiring models to travel to casting calls in New York.

Back in 2008, there was talk of starting "Hollywood East" which would have provided generous incentives to movie distributors who shoot in film studios built in the Massachusetts area. These plans however fizzled out after the economic downturn in 2010.

Ready to Become a Model?

As a model, your focus should be to find casting calls in your market. Latitude Talent Studios is a digital platform for models and actors seeking to connect to public castings nationwide. Learn more here.


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