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3 Best Connecticut Modeling Agencies

CT Model Agency

For new models living in Connecticut, you are blessed with the fact that the major modeling hub, New York City, is nearby. If traveling is of issue, there are a few modeling agencies located in CT. Here are the 3 best rated.

Modeling is now something people of all looks and backgrounds can venture into. With the rise of social media, many brands are seeking models for their advertisements. Getting signed is very hard, in fact, less than 95% of working models are with an agency. If you have some experience under. your belt, an agency in the next step to pursue.

1.) CT Kids Talent Management

146 Elm St, Cheshire, CT 06410

CT Kids is a talent agency works primarily with infants, children and teens for television and print work. It is a family run business that is co-owned by Jaclyn Ritter. To submit to be a model, visit 2.) Abreu Models 399 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

Not too much is online about Abreu Models however it has been in business over over 10 years according to a web search about the company. They work with both male and female models located in the Tri-State area.

3.) Latitude Talent Studios

545 8th Avenue, New York NY 10018

Latitude is a talent platform that helps models and actors of all backgrounds get started. While this isn't an agency, it can help connect you to over 300 agencies worldwide, as well as public nationwide castings. To learn more, become a model here.

How to apply to a modeling agency?

When you're looking to apply to a modeling agency, you might be overwhelmed by the options, including those agencies above. Thankfully, there are many tips that can help you get started. For one, don't just try calling random agencies - choose the ones that are reputable and specific to your look. ALWAYS research a modeling company to make sure they are legit.

First of all, it's important to remember that modeling agencies are looking for models with an amazing personality. If you're super shy or nervous, it's best to show them that you're willing to put in the work and make an effort.

Got a call back? During your first face-to-face appointment with the agency, be ready to be interviewed! It's like a meeting and your confidence will make a huge difference.

Secondly, if you're applying to a modeling agency, it's vital to prepare your right stats information. Most agencies will ask for your height, location, and age. Others will ask about your eye color, hair color, and shoe size. Keeping your information basic is key. Despite the high demand for alternative models,, it's important that you make the most of it when you apply.

In addition to the above, it's crucial to submit professional and clean digital model photographs. While most modeling agencies require a strong portfolio, you should also make sure to keep your photo shoots professional but don't spend a ton on a portfolio, and DO NOT wear make up in your photographs if you are applying to a modeling agency.

Don't forget to make sure to research the modeling agency's requirements and the type of talent they scout.

Most people think that the first step in applying to a modeling agency is to apply to all agencies in your local area. However, this is not true and in fact, you should look for modeling agencies outside of Connecticut.

Are Modeling Schools Worth it?

Connecticut, since it is a smaller market, does have a few modeling schools and training locations that are geared towards up and coming models. While a modeling school is not a requirement to become a model, there are some benefits too. Always be sure to research a company to ensure their mission matches with your goals and objectives.

Finding open calls are a great way to get immediate feedback. In cities like Stamford and New Haven, which are close to New York, but big areas in CT, they have theatre space where casting calls could be held. Think you're ready to become a model? Start with applying to the places above.


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