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Commercial Print Modeling – Updated List of NY Agencies

Commercial Print Modeling – Updated List of NY Agencies

Finding agencies is not always easy, that’s why we created a summary list of commercial print modeling agencies nyc that help new models and actors get started in a major marketing like New York City.

STATE Models – State Also has model open calls on Tuesdays!

Modeling agency

200 W 41st St #1000


Modeling agency

381 Park Ave S #820

Latitude Talent Studios

545 Eighth Avenue #1025

New York NY

Find Modeling Agencies

For models looking to attend open casting calls in 2019, especially in major markets such as New York, they can expect to see the decline of public open casting calls, as well as times posted publicly. This is largely in fact due to digital scouting which many modeling agencies and scouts have implemented. They can see hundreds of models and actors within minutes rather than having meet talent face-to-face in a large, drawn-out process.

Looking to be a model? Get the help for a real industry professional here

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