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Modeling Agencies to Apply for in 2019

What’s the easiest way to apply to become a model for 2019? Applying to become a model is now easier than ever, especially in the year 2019 where most fashion modeling agencies and talent management companies in New York and beyond now exclusively scouting for models digitally online. This helps talent from around the United States have the chance to apply to become a model or actor, rather than attending an open casting call which was more frequent in the beginning of 1990s into the 2000s. Modeling agencies, especially nowadays, are seeking a diverse pool of male and female models and actors. Gone are the days of when a supermodel was almost exclusively over 5’9 for a female and 6’1 for male models. This can be seen in the rise of modeling by Instagram where Instagram influencers have a larger and broader reach to consumers than a typical print or magazine advertisement would’ve had in the past.

Become a Model in 2019

So how do you become a model in 2019? While most aspiring models, as well as the established talent typically believe to become a model all you have to do is hire an expensive photographer and submit them to every major agency that you can find, including top agencies like Next Model management and DNA model management, however this is really a wrong option for models to get started. A model manager is in the business of managing a talents career, a talent that has already booked work and has a history of booking and showing up to castings typically. For a new model that doesn’t have experience, you should prove to the modeling agency that you are bookable and reliable. To do this you must find and attend legitimate Casting calls in your market. This can be especially difficult in New York City where there are so many casting calls and many are so particular.

Best Places to get started as a Model:

1. DNA Model Management - New York, NY

2. VNY Model Management - New York, NY

3. Red Models - New York, NY

4. Latitude Talent Studios - New York, NY The first step to becoming a model and applying is to figure out what kind of model are you. Are you a commercial talent? Are you editorial? Are you open to both modeling and acting? These are questions that you must first figure out and then decide if the modeling industry is right for you. Becoming a model is easier than ever with the help of a talent marketing service like Latitude Talent Studios, where we specialize in helping talent of all experience levels get started in the entertainment community. If you have the desire and passion to make the first step, apply here to become a model.

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