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A Beginners Model Guide for 2018

So you want to become a model? Well the search to get started hasn’t changed that much for 2018. In fact, more and more modeling agencies are focusing on strictly digital platforms which can help a beginner make getting started In the entertainment industry a little bit easier. What hasn’t changed in becoming a model, especially in a major market such as New York, is the strict specifications that high-end editorial agencies place on new talent. As you will find from most top agencies, including Ford Models and Next Models, they require female models to be at least 5'9 in height or taller. For male editorial models, the height is typically 6'1 or taller. What many male models face when they start attending open casting calls and seeking out agencies, is that being too tall can actually hurt you. Having a beautiful face is what many people assume makes a great model. While commercial talent typically have a marketable look which is the direct result from having nice facial features, it is important to be sure that a model has the specifications that a particular client is looking for. When attending a casting call for this example let’s use a brand such as Abercrombie and Fitch, before you would even see the casting call client, they would require you to attend a model fitting. This is to be sure that the model attending the casting call actually fits in the clothing. If they do not fit those specifications during the model fitting, they will typically not even be able to complete the casting call. For a beginner model it is important to equally focus on maintaining your look as well as enhancing your body. Regularly attending the gym and eating healthy are prime ways to get in fighting shape. It is important to remember that body type and size is not all that matters when becoming a model. Personality is key, no client, big or small, wants to work with a model or after that has a negative attitude. While it is important to remain confident, it is important to be humble and respectful of the casting clients time. Always attend casting calls on time, not too early and be prepared to meet a variety of people. Casting calls rarely have one or two people in attendance expect dozens if not more.

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When a model first wants to take on a major markets such as New York City, they typically look into attending open calls. While attending an open call is a guaranteed way to be seen by a agency, it is not the best way to get scouted. If you do not match the specifications, or you are unprepared meaning you do not have a portfolio, it can essentially be a waste of time and make you look unprofessional in front of the client, be sure you have all the adequate materials necessary before attending castings. More and more modeling agencies are focusing on marketing talent digitally. In the 1980s and prior, the only way to submit talent to a castings was through the Postal Service. Printed comp cards were typically used and replaced every six months. Typically a modeling agency would send hundreds of comp cards to a client who would then review and let the agency know who they want to meet in person. Now mailing is not only outdated, but very slow. Almost every single major agency uses a digital platform and digital comp cards. While some agencies may get those started for talent, models are able to develop their own and use them to submit to castings. It also makes a model appear more professional when they are using correct marketing. Social media is also important in 2018 for models to get scouted. Instagram is a great platform to showcase your work however it is important to be mindful of unscrupulous individuals that pose at scouts. It is important if you are communicating with a scout via social media To verify their connection to the agency. If you’re speaking to them via email, ensure that their email is from the official website. To get your social media started be sure to post photos that show case your luck and use hashtags to gain likes and followers. It’s becoming a model or the thought of even getting started is overwhelming, Latitude Talent Studios can help. Apply now online at

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