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Who is Kylie Jenner's modeling agency?

Who is Kylie Jenner's modeling agency? That seems like an odd question but more often than not, Latitude receives this question from perspective models and actors. While Kylie Jenner may be an inspiration for some, she is a polarizing figure that sure does know how to court attention! While we do not know the workings of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, it's safe to say that a beautiful megastar such as Kylie Jenner does not really need the help of a modeling agency. A modeling agency's job is to connect talent to casting and hope that they book a job. In turn, the agency will receive a portion of the pay, referred to as "commission" from the model and also recoup the cost that they invested in starting the model. With that in mind it's very easy to see why top modeling agencies such as Ford are very selective with the models they choose.

Top agencies understand that editorial models (tall, slender models you often see in fashion campaigns for brands like Gucci or Burberry ) that meet certain specifications have a better chance of booking work, at higher rate, than an commercial talent. That simply closes the door on most commercial talent, which make up 90% of the industry, that may have a look but not the stats. So, the question falls back; how does a commercial talent like Kylie Jenner land major modeling campaigns without the help of a modeling agency? Kylie Jenner is a brand so regardless of what company she works with, the

brand knows they're going to generate revenue, as she has a large following with fans that are willing to purchase products she advertises. Models and actors need to understand that they themselves are a brand and need to market themselves accordingly.

If you've considered becoming a model or actor you need to consider that you need to develop your brand first. Start by visiting Latitude Talent Studios online to see how we help new models and actors develop their brand. Get started here.

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