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Top Talent Agencies in Miami

Are you a model or actor in search of the best modeling agencies in Miami, Florida?

Latitude compiled a list of the top management firms and agencies for male and female models.

Miami, Florida is a second tier market for modeling. This means that while there are many jobs and auditions for talent, it is second to a major market such as New York City. The benefit of working as a model in Miami is that it is a sister city to NYC. With its close proximity and warm weather, many New York based modeling agencies have second offices in Miami Beach that share castings and auditions.

Latitude Talent Miami

Miami models can possess a variety of looks which makes it much easier for a commercial print talent, that do not meet the strict editorial high fashion standards f

or runway, to be able to have a chance to actually land work in print or film.

While Florida is a very large state, Miami Beach tends to be home to the larger agencies. Miami Beach Modeling Agencies include:

MP Mega Miami: 420 Lincoln Road - Suite 408 Miami Beach, FL

To be seen by agencies, appointments are typically required. To request an appointment with a Miami Modeling Agency, they must first see how you look and photograph. A standard route is to take some pictures and submit to the agency directly. While this may work for a very limited number of models, talent have to remember that these agencies receive hundreds of submissions everyday. Another route is to attend an open call audition.

Typical open calls are during the week and are posted on the agencies official website. Many talent agencies in Miami do not host open calls without first receiving and reviewing your submission.

If you are considering the general route of submission, you have to stand out from the rest. Latitude Talent Studios is a New York City based talent marketing service for models and actors. We help talent of all experience develop the tools and marketing needed by professional talent to find and book castings.

Latitude is now holding evaluations in the Miami Beach area! Apply now

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