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How to Become a Male Model in New York City

Are you looking to become a male model in NYC? There are so many agencies in New York, here's how to get signed to one of them.

What are the requirements for becoming a male model?

New York City is home to many top male modeling agencies that are scouting for models with a variety of looks. The easiest way to tell if you have the “look” for what agencies are looking for is to view store brands to see the models they use in their current advertisements.

Top retail brands including GAP. Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister scout models with all-American looks. Most recently, the industry trend has been to scout male models with a mixed-ethnic background. That started in 2017 and until now, is popular in terms of getting signed.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful male model?

nyc male model

Many people dream of modeling as a glamorous, easy job. This is far from the truth! While becoming a successful model does have its perks such as traveling, networking events and meeting great people, it takes hard work, determination and the right team to land modeling jobs, especially in New York. Often times, modeling is done as a hobby or part-time if you are just starting out.

The chances of becoming the next male super model are slim, however, there are plenty of casting calls, auditions and jobs for male talent in the industry to make it worth your while!

How Does Latitude Talent Studios work for models and actors?

Latitude Talent Studios works with new talent as well as experience entertainers alike. We help talent access casting professionals, modeling agencies and talent scouts both in New York and worldwide through an interactive platform. We are not an agency.

Latitude Talent Studios

Get information on how Latitude Talent Works:

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