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19 Modeling Agencies for Female Models in New York

The world of modeling can be a complete mystery to anyone who isn’t already in the industry. And for those who manage to find their way in, it can be a fiercely competitive environment with no room for error. As a female model, you have many choices of agencies to apply to.

Female Modeling Agencies

Alongside Paris and Milan, New York is one of the top cities for budding models to launch their careers. And their first step is to search for modeling agencies near me. Agencies act as the go-between for models and potential clients.

If you’re dreaming of getting your chance to become a model in New York, here are 19 top New York Modeling Agencies and services you could try you hand at.

1. Crawford Models

A passion-driven agency, Crawford Models was established in 2017 and has quickly made itself known as a top modeling agency in New York.

Joan Crawford, the founder of Crawford models, has 10 years of industry experience as a model agent and prioritizes building long-term relationships between clients and models.

2. DNA Model Management

Along with new models, DNA Model Management also signs actors and celebrities which has gained them major popularity. Naomi Campbell is one of their most well-known models.

This agency encourages their models to be advocates for various issues that women face every day. Their charity work sets them apart from other agencies.

3. Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management has held its rank as one of New York’s top modeling agencies since 1977. They have been intentional in their journey to becoming a more inclusive agency, and they were the first agency to sign a transgender woman into their roster.

4. Fenton Model Management

Fenton Model Management specializes in discovering and nurturing new talent. They offer opportunities in editorial and print work, giving modeling tips to new models and helping them find their feet in the industry.

5. Ford Models

Ford Models has been around since 1946, and it has monopolized the fashion world for years. Keeping with the times, this agency has since expanded to branding and publication content. They now fill their rosters with top runway, editorial, and advertising models.

6. Fusion Models

A boutique-inspired agency, Fusion Models walk for high-fashion runway and fashion magazines. This agency boasts a talented group of models that have campaigned in Zara, Vogue Mexico, Alexander McQueen, Versace, and more.

7. Heroes Model Management

Relatively new to the agency scene, Heroes Model Management has taken the modeling industry by storm. Their models are known for booking high-profile jobs, including walking for Paris, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks as well as editorial spreads with brands such as Prada, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss.

8. IMG Models

IMG originally represented athletes, not models. Now, they have a mentorship program and Fashion camp that gives young models guidance as they enter the sometimes cutthroat industry. Signing with IMG models can be a challenge for new models but is well worth the effort.

9. JAG Models

JAG Models is one of the most diverse and inclusive modeling agencies in New York and aims to redefine beauty and set a new bar of representation. This agency focuses on building a close-knit team of models and a healthy working environment for them to grow.

10. New York Model Management

New York Model Management founder Marion Smith started the agency with the dream of making a difference in the modeling world. After working at Ford modeling agency, she has extensive experience providing guidance to new models and teaching them how to model successfully.

11. Next Model Management

Next Model Management was one of the first agencies to branch out and work with digital influencers, setting them apart from other agencies. This agency focuses on branding and also represents actors and musicians.

12. Silent Models New York

Anything but silent in the fashion industry, Silent Models is a boutique agency that focuses on representing a variety of nationalities and ethnicities, recognizing the importance of diversity in the modeling world. A women-only agency, Silent asks that their applicants avoid wearing makeup in their shoots.

13. STATE Artist Management

Progressive and holistic, STATE Management recruits some of the most popular faces of today. STATE Artist Management prioritizes building a healthy work environment for their models, guiding them towards successful careers and personal development.

14. The Lions Model Management

The Lions Model Management is devoted to building powerful and stable personal branding for each of its models using their talents, passions, and ideals. The agency has dedicated itself to telling stories to inspire, shift cultures, and celebrate individuals.

15. The Society New York

An offshoot of Elite World network, The Society New York helps individuals reach their full potential by considering the depth of each model’s unique talents. They aim to build long-term careers for their models through significant and positive exposure and brand collaborations.

16. WE Speak Management

One of the most diverse modeling agencies in NY, WE Speak Management specializes in curve and plus-size models. They’ve made it their mission to break traditional beauty standards and champion representation regardless of shape, size, age, gender, or race.

17. Wilhelmina New York

One of the finest model agencies in New York, Wilhelmina is known as a full-spectrum agency. They represent a variety of widely-recognized models, as well as fitness and plus-sized models.

18. Women Management

Founded in the 80s, Women Management was formed with the aim of going against the homogenous look of the day. They strive to celebrate diversity, and they are constantly looking for unique models with undiscovered talent.

19. Latitude Talent Studios

While not an agency or management company, Latitude is rather a platform for models just starting out. They provide unique tools and an online platform database that consists of modeling agencies and casting opportunities in New York and nationwide. Latitude is highly rated for newer models looking to get started.

Find Your Way Around New York Modeling Agencies

As you now know, there are many New York modeling agencies looking to sign new models today. If you want to gain access to a platform of casting opportunities as well as hundreds of agencies seeking new faces, join Latitude. We are a subscription-based platform that connects models, actors and influencers to casting opportunities in their industry.

The database also provides access to one of the largest contacts of agencies, consisting of over 350+ Modeling and Talent Agencies worldwide. Ready to get your modeling career started? Sign up for our service today.


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