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How to Model for a Brand like Shein

Want to know how to become a SHEIN model? The retail giant has taken over the USA market. Here's how to model for the brand.

Shien, orginally called ZZKKO is a Chinese online fast fashion retailer providing affordable clothing to consumers around the world. While it may seem like they are new here in the US, they started in 2008 and have taken the online market place by storm.

What does Shein Look for in Models?

Shein doesn't have a "look" in fact, their models on the website are every day people. It can be from teen's 16-50+.

There are so many products on the Shein online store that features models of all backgrounds. looks, shapes and sizes. Many of the models featured by the Shein clothing company are scouted on popular applications like TikTok.

Here is an example of a Shein Casting Call Below posted online:

Casting directors are looking for 10-15 female models and talent to work on scenes for SHEIN clothing brand Spring 2021 Campaign. Here is the breakdown: You will get paid for 2-3 days of shoot if your pictures will be used in the final edits of the campaign promo.

Currently, to become a model for Shein, they are scouting for models through social media. Here is a posting for the most recent casting call:

#SHEINgals rule the world, and you can too! We are looking for fierce fashionistas to rock their top SHEIN finds across social media! #SHEINgals can try our new styles in exchange for showing off their favorite looks on Instagram and YouTube.

To become a model on the site, you can also become an influencer. Here are the details:

Social media influencer and love SHEGLAM, join us in trying out our new collection to take your creativity to new heights!


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