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History in Context: Zoli Modeling Agency

Top Ranking Modeling Agency

The Zoli Modeling Agency was, at a time, a major modeling agency based in New York City, particularly notable in the 1970s and 1980s and early 1980’

Established by the Budapest-born Hungarian designer named Zoltan "Zoli" Rendessy in 1971 it was originally more geared towards male models however, in later years, expanded to with female models as well. Expanding in 1989 to Miami Beach, Zoli Modeling Ageny, now referred to as Zoli South, was  “the first satellite office of Zoli Management Inc., will occupy offices in the Park Central Hotel in the Miami Beach Art Deco district.” as well as one of the first modeling agencies in Florida.

''We've had tremendous demand for Florida talent,'' said Ms. Lantz in a New York Times posted dated August 22, 1989 , who, with Vicky Pribble, the other co-owner, was willed the agency upon the death of its founder, Zoltan Rendessy, in 1982. ''For a couple of years, Miami has been attracting catalogue clients from Germany and Japan who like to work on location and shoot vast amounts of film”

Last located on 18th Street in New York City, and closed in 1982 on the passing of it's founder.

Zoli Models will forever be remembered as a top agency of their time.

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