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Agency Spotlight: Munich Model Models - Germany

Modeling Agency  -  Female Models

MUNICH MODELS started in 1992 by Susanne Maushakeis is one of Germany’s top rated modeling agencies working with Female Editorial Models.


For over 25 years, this modeling agency has become a powerhouse scouting some of the most marketable talent, by providing a comprehensive management eye focused on long-term collaboration with loyal models staying with them for many years.


MUNICH MODELS represents more than 500 female models in Germany and Aboard.

(Updated in 2019)

Booking Models, Past and Present Include:

Candice Swanepoel, Malgosia Bela, Sigrid Agren, Ophelie Guillermand, Maud Welzen, Fei Fei Sun, Ming Xi, Cintia Dicker, Denisa Dvorakova, Michaela Kocianova, Eva Padberg and Luisa Hartema


Why we love Munich Models: “Their hands on management keeps their talent loyal. This is major agency in Germany growing at a large pace”


Key People: Susanne Maushakeis, Founder

Year Founded: 1992

Location: Germany, Europe


To apply to this agency



Siegfriedstr. 17


80803 Germany


+49 89 38 99 83 0


+49 89 38 99 83 33


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