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Is Latitude a Talent Agency?

No, Latitude is not an employment or talent agency. As a talent service, we work with models and actors by connecting talent with the development to help start or advance a path in entertainment. A talent agency is in the business of strictly booking talent who have already built a portfolio with experience, not helping you start or grow. Latitude works to help talent develop and build their experience in the entertainment industry.

What is an Evaulation?

An evaulation is a chance to meet with us and learn about our company and how our service works for models and actors. We also want to learn about you as a talent; your objectives, experience and aspirations. Should we move forward, you may have the option to enroll in our company. We also may take measurements or photographs during your evaluation.

Do you have an Open Call?

No, we do not have an open call or allow visitors without an appointment. To submit to Latitude, click here.

What is a commerical/print talent?

A commercial talent, or print model, is a model that represents the every day consumer. They come from all ages, backgrounds and sizes and can be found in advertisements from major brand names, to smaller local projects.

Do I have to pay to become a model or actor?

Latitude is a talent marketing service, so new talent should expect to cover their own enrollment. While we typically cover photography test-shoots for new talent and provide access to our studio, it is important to remember an actual agency represent less than 5% of models and actors. Talent agency models and actors are referred to as Independent Contractors and are always required to invest in their own marketing materials which include head shots, portfolio development and comp cards.

What is SAG?

SAG or Screen Actors Guild is a trade union organization that entertainers, after qualifying, are allowed to join. Refer to the official SAG Website for additional information.

How can I contact Latitude?

For general inquires, please first email us at info@latitudetalent.com or contact us at 1-888-293-1704 For submissions, please join us here If you are an existing talent, please contact us here

How can I join Latitude Talent?

Take the first step and submit your information here

How can I follow Latitude on Social Media?

Use hashtag #LatitudeTalent and follow us @LatitudeTalentStudios, Facebook and Twitter

Is Latitude a Modeling or Acting School?

No, Latitude is not a modeling or acting school.

What ages do you accept submissions from?

At Latitude, we work with talent ages 13+ For talent under 18, a parent is required to submit your information.

How can I use Latitude for my casting project?

Are you a casting client looking for talent for your next project? Contact us here and submit your information to our team. You can also contact castings@latitudeny.com for questions regarding casting notices. Since Latitude is not an agency, we do not collect a commission on projects.

I have no experience, can I still apply?

Of course. At Latitude, we're a talent marketing service, so we work with talent of all experience levels. Whether your a new actor or model, or an established talent, Latitude can help get you started with the tools and resources.

Do you just work with models and actors?

We like to work with all entertainers who have a passion to succeed. While many casting opportunities are for models and actors, all entertainers are encouraged to submit to Latitude.

I work full-time, is Latitude right for me?

If you are in school, or work full-time, Latitude is the perfect place to get started. Many aspiring talent think the way to success is to apply to a whole bunch of agencies they find online. Since Latitude is a marketing service with a monthly membership, talent have the choice to apply to castings on their free time, whenever they want, commission-free.

What are some of Latitude's castings?

Latitude helps to provide talent opportunities by connecting them with the industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their projects. Talent have been requested on projects from VH1, HBO Networks, SHOWTIME, Cricket Wireless, Universal Pictures, Converse, Netflix, G-STAR Clothing, Target, New York Fashion Week 2017/ 2018, 2019 and 2020 and many more. Latitude is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout.

Where can I read your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are located on each page. You can also read our Terms of Service Here and our Privacy Policy Here

What are Composite Cards?

Composite cards also referred to as a "comp card" are standard tools for any model or actor, whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional. It is a composite of usually 4 to 5 different images and often showcases different looks to show off a model or actors versatility.

Physical comp cards are rarely used. Digital comp cards are used by models and actors as they are easy to update.

How can Latitude Talent help me?

Latitude Talent Studios makes the process of pursuing entertainment streamlined. Unlike an agency, we evaluate a new talent and provide them with guidance in setting realistic goals, and then helping them create the components necessary to stand out to industry professionals.
At Latitude, the marketing and exposure we provide our talent is unrivaled. Learn more about Latitude Here

What should I wear to an Evaualtion?

Please arrive to your evaluation dressed casual. We ask that no-logos on your clothing be present in case we take a couple of photographs of you.

Is a model or actor guaranteed to land castings?

No. In this industry a client has the right to select the talent that best suits the project. Latitude helps to provide talent opportunities by connecting them with the industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their projects. We do not promise or facilitate any employment. Latitude is not a talent agency, employer or scout; our site and service is a venue. As with any industry, results may vary, and will be based on an individual capacity, experience, expertise and level of desire. Talent always should be realistic in their objective.

If you’re not an agency, how can Latitude help?

Most agencies only work with experienced talent, or less than 5% of models and actors. Latitude is a talent marketing service, so we help provide access to casting opportunities, exposure and resources to models and actors of all experience levels in the entertainment community. Unlike casting companies and agencies, we do not charge any commissions.

Is Latitude a photography studio?

No, Latitude is not a photography studio. Our talent have access to casting calls and audition notices, digital and printable marketing materials and a commission-free structure with a team submitting you out to public and private castings. At Latitude, our service and support is unrivaled. Learn more about our success here.

Can Latitude get me work?

We do not get talent work. Latitude helps to provide talent opportunities by connecting them with the industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their projects. We do not promise or facilitate any employment. Latitude is not a talent agency, employer or scout; our site and service is a venue.

Do you need a portfolio to be a model?

No. At Latitude, we do not sell portfolios or photography shoots. We focus on helping talent actually pursue the industry by connecting them to casting opportunities through an interactive database. In fact, photography sessions are free for our talent.

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