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  • What is Latitude?
    Latitude is a subscription platform that connects models and actors to over 300+ modeling and talent agencies, along with local and nationwide public casting calls. Our New York talent studio also allows talent to create high-impact professional photography which can be used to market to the industry professional seeking talent for their projects.
  • What is an Evaluation?
    An evaluation is a chance to meet with us and learn about our company and how our platform works for models and actors. We also want to learn about you; your objectives, experience and aspirations. Should we move forward, you may have the option to enroll in our platform. We also may take measurements or photographs during your evaluation.
  • Is Latitude a Talent Agency?
    Nope, Latitude is not an agency. As a tech-platform and content studio, we work with aspiring models and actors by connecting talent with public opportunities to help start or advance a path in entertainment. A talent agency is in the business of strictly booking talent who have already built a portfolio with experience, not helping you start or grow.
  • Is Latitude a Modeling or Acting School?
    No, Latitude is not a school. We do host frequent webinars available online here. You can also listen to them on Spotify here
  • How can I follow Latitude on Social Media?
    Use hashtag #LatitudeTalent and follow us @LatitudeTalentStudios, Facebook and Twitter
  • Do I have to pay to become a model or actor?
    Latitude is a platform, so new members should expect to cover their own enrollment and subscription at their appointment. While we cover photography test-shoots for new talent, it is important to remember an actual talent agency represents less than 5% of models and actors. Talent agency models and actors are referred to as Independent Contractors and are always required to invest in their own marketing materials which include head shots, portfolio development and comp cards.
  • Is a model or actor guaranteed to land castings?
    No. In this industry a client has the right to select the talent that best suits the project. There are simply no guarantees. Latitude helps to provide talent opportunities by connecting them with public casting posts by industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their projects.
  • I work full-time, is Latitude right for me?
    Yes. If you are in school, or work full-time, Latitude is the perfect place to get started. Since Latitude is a subscription platform, talent have the choice to apply to castings on their free time, whenever they want, commission-free.
  • If you’re not an agency, how can Latitude help?
    Most agencies only work with experienced talent, or less than 5% of models and actors. Latitude is an online platform to help provide access to public casting opportunities to models and actors of all experience levels. Unlike casting companies and agencies, we do not charge any commissions and our subscription access is monthly.
  • Can Latitude get me work?
    No. Latitude helps to provide talent opportunities by connecting them with the industry professionals who are looking for models and actors for their public casting projects. We do not promise or facilitate any employment.
  • How can I contact Latitude?
    For general inquires, please first email us at or contact us at 1-888-293-1704 For submissions, please join us here If you are an existing talent, please contact us here
  • How can I join Latitude?
    Latitude is the best way for models and actors to get started. Period. Take the first step and submit your information on our website here.
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