Social Media Tips for Models

In the old days, you either started your modeling career by being scouted on the street or by attending an audition call. But, those days are long gone. Thanks to social media, aspiring models can now book a job without having to physically attend casting calls and go-sees, since all of this can easily happen within the confines of your DMs. If you want to blow up your modeling career through social media but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of tips that could help you get started. Learn how to maximize your preferred platform While having an account on every social media website can be a good thing, managing all of these accounts can eat up a chunk of your time. Furthermore, it’s best to pick a social media platform where you think you have the potential to blow up. And since your job relies on bringing forward your look, choose photo and video-heavy socials like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. However, having an account simply isn’t enough. Aside from regularly spewing out content, make sure that you also use a social media platform’s tools to go viral and maximize your reach. Bustle’s how-to article on using Instagram’s challenge story stickers notes that using a platform’s tools like hashtags, location tags, and challenge stickers can help people discover your content. With that said, don’t be afraid to use these tools to your advantage. But, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to spam people with your content and lose potential audiences.

Modeling on Apps like Instagram and TikTok

Create content that showcases who you are The most important part of building yourself up on social media is having content that proves you’re worthy of being photographed for fashion campaigns. Think of your social media presence as a digital lookbook ⁠— casting directors and agencies will want to check how you present yourself online since they can use this to sell your look to a prospective client. However, don’t forget that you have to make your profile distinctly you. That’s why Pretty Me’s guide to #OOTDs suggests that while it’s easy to tailor your posts according to what sells, it’s crucial that you don’t let other people’s opinions and accounts stop you from putting out content that you love. Work out your angles and experiment to find what works best for you, but most importantly, have fun with it! Collaborate with other creatives Since your job entails you to work with a lot of creative people, it would do you well to reach out to other fellow creatives through social media. Collab with high quality photographers and studios, stylists, or fashion designers who are also looking for a shot in the fashion world. However, model Ariane Hargrave warns that you should be mindful of the photographers that you choose to collaborate with, and be sure that your agreement equally benefits both of you. For models, this means being able to have copies of the high resolution, un-watermarked outputs that you can easily put in your lookbook. All of these can help you establish a strong social media presence that could get your face out there. After all, our post ‘The Surprising Secret on How to Become a Model’ highlights how the most important thing is to build up your marketing skills. So while it can be fun to build your social media presence, it's important to treat it as a learning experience as you make your mark in the fashion world. For more on the tools, knowledge and opportunities to get started in the industry, become a model with us here on Latitude Talent Studios today.

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