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How to Model for Ford Models

Ford Models has some requirements. Here are a few to keep in mind when trying to become a model.

Is your goal to become a Ford Model? You're in luck. Ford Modeling Agency and their scouts are always on the search for fresh-faced talent. Ford Models does however have some strong requirements, here are some basics to look out for if you are trying to apply to their modeling agency.

Who is Ford Models?

Ford Models is a top modeling agency founded in 1946 by Eileen Ford and her husband Gerard W. Ford. Originally started in New York, they now have offices worldwide in the following locations:

FORD NEW YORK 11 East 26th Street 14th Floor New York, NY 10010 (212) 219-6500

FORD CHICAGO FORD ARTISTS 850 West Jackson Blvd Suite 410 Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 243-9400 (312) 646-7330

FORD LOS ANGELES 9000 W Sunset Boulevard Suite 720 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 276-8100

FORD MIAMI 225 NE 34th St Suite 205 Miami, FL 33137 (305) 534-7200

FORD SÃO PAULO Av. Magalhães de Castro 4800 Capital Building, Suite 173 São Paulo, SP 05676-120 +55 11 3506 6101

FORD PARIS 278 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75007 Paris, France (+33) 144180808

Ford Models is known to be one of the best modeling agencies in the world and for good reason. Some of their current top models include Cintia Dicker, Monica Aksamit Charo Ronquillo and many, many more. Ford only has a few competitions from other top agencies like as Elite, IMG and Next Models however Ford is the oldest and most estalished.

Ford Model Requirements

So if you are trying to become a model for Ford, you'll have to have some pretty unique features. As with any top editorial agency, the standard sizes for females are: 5'9-6'1, ages 16-25. Male model requirements include: 6'1-6'3 ages 16-29. Ford models does accept submissions from people of all shapes, sizes, ages and background. To apply to them visit their website here.

When you apply on the Ford Models website, use pictures that are simple and clean. According to their site, these tips can include:

  • Have a clean face with absolutely no/ or very little makeup.

  • Pull your hair back to show your face

  • Wear form fitting outfit like skinny jeans and a tank. They need to see the shape of your body.

How to Start Modeling

If your goal to is become a model, you have many options outside of an agency. Latitude Talent Studios is a platform for models to get started. Learn more here. Always check out the best webinars and podcasts from Latitude stay in the know.


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