How often does Disney have Open Casting Calls?

Disney Casting Calls

As an actor in search of casting calls especially children and teen actors, a frequent and popular question Latitude receives is when does the Disney Channel have casting calls and how often do they scout for new talent?

The Disney Channel is a USA cable network owned by The Walt Disney Company. Disney’s programs consist of their own original television series as well as theatrically-released and original made-for-cable films. Disney markets its programs towards families and is aimed at kids ages 8–16, while its Disney kids programs are aimed at children under 8 years old. While this age base, most of the actors Disney searches for are children and teen actors.

Disney has been known to audition and cast fresh-faced, undiscovered talent as leads in their original programing. This is great news to a new teen actor or model as they may actually have a shot at auditioning and landing a role on such a wonderful network!

Find Disney Casting Calls

To find open casting calls from Disney, a simple search online should direct you to their official website which lists times and dates, as well as roles they are seeking. While you may be able to find some open casting calls, Disney does send some roles to casting companies to help expiate the search which could leave you in the dark on the best roles on Disney.

If you are looking for casting calls, Latitude Talent Studios works with models and actors to connect talent to the entertainment industry.

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