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Getting Signed to a Plus Size Modeling Agency

Plus size modeling agencies - Looking to get started? There are many different facets of the modeling industry and there are many agencies that represent a specific look and background of talent. Plus size modeling agencies are one of the specific genre of castings some modeling agencies focus on when scouting for plus size models. To become a plus size model it is first important to make sure you qualify for what an agency is looking for. In your search for a finding a modeling agency that focuses on plus size it is important to make sure that you seek out agents that have what they call a "curve division". A curve division is similar to what we have on the female body shapes so curve represents those that have a full figure.

Plus Size Modeling Agencies

When most models look to get started or begin a career and entertainment, they believe that their first step is to apply to every agency that’s in their local market. Living in a major market such as New York City, you will find that many modeling agencies work with talent that are only over 5'8 in height. Those are called editorial modeling agencies. Editorial modeling agencies differ from class size models as editorial typically focus is on runway. Those models that can fit sample size clothing in size 0 or 2 are typically sign to major agencies like Ford Models click models or Elite Model Management.

If you were looking to start your journey to become a plus size model, it is first important to make sure that you compile the necessary component to start or build a portfolio. Comp cards as well as a history of bookings (ie. a model resume) is impressive when attending a casting call to seek representation as a model. Yes, of course some models can walk into an agency with just Polaroids, it is very uncommon, especially now with the rise of social media marketing on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. A plus size model typically is a size 6+ that possesses a height that is usually over 5'8. Being photogenic is of course very important. Many modeling agencies that have a curve division, or work with plus size models, usually require a model to have a social media backing that helps book a model when they attend the casting. Many models question how could a social media following help with when booking? It’s simple, a client would love to have a model that already has some sort of image or brands so achieving these goals as well as getting exposure as a new Mono or actor is very important. Luckily for 2018 and 2019 we are seeing many more modeling agencies that represent talent that have a overall appeal. Brands know that not everybody is a stick figure or over 59 as a female, so that’s why there are now more than ever seeking out models of all locks and sizes. That’s why becoming a plus size model is now easier than ever. There are many consumer brands that have a focus on specific sizes. You can look at retail empire Abercrombie and Fitch that frequently book commercial talent that have editorial specifications. Major retail brands like Lane Bryant also have plus size models that are well in demand. Will more brands embrace plus size modeling? We hope to see you so! If you are looking to become a plus size model and are looking to connect with modeling agencies in New York City, take the first step and apply at Latitude Talent here and submit your picture here for consideration


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