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As a new or established model or actor living or residing close to New York, you are truly lucky as New York City is the number one destination for all things in entertainment. Year after year hundreds of casting calls, modeling gigs and auditions take place with thousands of talent trying their luck landing an audition, with a number of casting calls taking place in 2018. It is simply never too early to start searching for free casting calls and open auditions around the new New York City area.

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Latitude Talent Studios stays connected to a roster of the best casting directors, talent agencies and modeling management firms that are always in search of models and actors. To begin the search to find casting calls in 2018 and beyond, you first need to jump in where casting director search for talent and that is obviously the Internet. Just taking a look at some casting's on Main websites, you'll be able to find casting breakdowns or posts for a variety of projects.

2018 casting calls

Craigslist, which may not always have the best source of castings, does provide a free outlet to find free casting calls in New York and beyond. That may be a good starting point to see what's local and what's a good fit. It is always best to use common sense when searching for casting calls and make sure that you are only going to legitimate opportunities. Another source for models looking for free castings is to search for top agencies such as Ford Models to see when they are holding open casting calls.

Below is a typical casting 2018 casting call in NYC for the search of models and actors.

Role Search: Male Model 18 – 24 Yr. Old

Height: 5'11-6'2

Style: Teen Basketball Player Type

Note: This audition will take place in NYC. So you must be a local talent….

Casting: Non-Union Test 1 Commercial- New York, NY Project Type: Commercial Union Status: NONE Project Rate: Sag Scale (minus agency fee) Submission Due By Date: 09/01/2018 Conflicts: Athletic Apparel

Examples of top model agencies who host 2018 casting calls:

Next Models - Editorial Agency specializing in Male and Female Models.

Ford Models- Major NYC Model Agency, typically does not host open calls in NY office.

Prior to 2018 many magazines, a main source of income for model agencies, have slowly been dwindling as print agencies now refrain from print last print scale advertisement budgets often seen in the 1980's.

For the current 2018 casting call season, it is expected that models will be faced with typical strict requirements that agencies place for models they choose to represent and manage. It is always best to seek and find a company that specializes in your experience and look as each agency specializes in a particular talent. Just because you're not a fit for one agency doesn't mean you won't be a fit for another, so always be sure to be informed on what a company specializes in.

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With New York City being one of the top destination hubs for the entertainment industry, it is only expected that you will face strong competition from more experienced and seasoned professionals. It is always important to make sure that a model and actor whether new or old is only using the most current and up-to-date marketing that clearly shows a talent look and experience. It is really not the best idea to go searching for castings without the right materials first.

If you're looking to gain a footing or get started in the entertainment industry Latitude can help connect you to the resources and opportunities to find success.

Take a look at some of our recent success stories and join here to take the next step.

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