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3 Top Ranked Modeling Agencies in Texas

When you think of Texas, looking for a modeling agency isn't the first thing you would think of. Well, you're wrong. Here are 3 Top Texas agencies to be on the look out for to start your career.

If you are located in the South and are unable to travel to the east coast some 1,600 miles away, where most New York modeling agencies are, you want to look for one in Texas, as their commercial market seeks a diverse roster of models. If you are the unconventional model and don't fit the norm of being really tall and thin, smaller markets within Texas like Dallas and Houston make it a great place to get scouted as a newer model. Here are 3 that really stand out.

1. Collier Talent Agency: Austin TX

As one of the top modeling agencies in Texas, the Collier Talent Agency has a wealth of experience. Founder Collier previously worked with Elite Chicago/Stewart Talent and the Abrams Artists Agency in New York. The Collier Talent Agency is an intimate, hands-on agency that focuses on career development.

The Collier Talent Agency is an Austin TX based modeling agency that works with people who have varying experience in film production. In order to be successful in this industry, you must develop certain traits. Because of this, the agency is dedicated to helping you develop the traits you need and offers model workshops and direction.

2. Foreman Management: Austin TX

Foreman Model Management has offices throughout the country. In Texas, it represents a variety of talent, from young models to established models. Started by Tammi Foremnan, who has a history of scouting talent. The Foremans' Dallas office is a top-ranked agency, with a diverse clientele and top-tier representation for talent of all experience levels.

3. Latitude Talent Studios

While Latitude isn't an agency, it makes a great place for models and actors of all locations a path into seeking out castings in their specific market. While offices located in New York and Florida, this is a great starting point if you are starting out.

Now Apply to Texas Agents

Now that you have some agencies to look into, the new step is applying. Always remember to submit an agency with good photographs without filters. If you are able to travel, expand your reach outside of Texas. If you aren't able to travel far, look out for larger cities like San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth which usually have more agency selections.

Look out for Fake Imposter Studios

Have you been contacted from someone claiming to be Latitude Studios in Texas? They are not us. You do not need to spend money on photography. Latitude is a registered trademark. Report Imposters by emailing


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