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3 Tips to Become an Art Model

Want to become an art model? Here are 3 tips to get started in this field of modeling.

Art models or modeling is a very special and unique category in the modeling industry. Typically, art models showcase face, hand and arms, as well pose for artists in a classroom and professional setting. Here are 3 ways to get started as an art model.

1. Find Classes or Art Schools

Art schools or art courses are the ones that are going to be seeking models for their paintings and portraits. If you want to get started as a model, you have to directly contact these schools. They may require some photographs of you to see if you're a fit for their students. Another way to model for art is to work with painters or artists in your area. This can be a bit harder to find if you don't know where to start, making art schools your best choice. Bigger cities tend to have the most options, so be open to travel for the best ones.

2. Research

Since modeling for art is a unique category of the industry, you want to make sure you research anyone that reaches out to you or vice versa. A simple search online for their reviews or their other pieces of work and show you if your goals are in line with their objectives. Every casting for art is different, so make sure you are fully aware of what is required. Professional art models come in, all shapes and sizes. It is also a great thing to do part time. Remember to only work with real industry professionals and vet only the best opportunties.

3. Find Art Casting Calls

Whether you are seeking casting calls for art modeling, commercial modeling or more, it is going to require you to find those opportunities that are seeking models. A casting call is just that, it is a call for talent for a particular role.

While modeling agencies are typically the gate keepers to these projects, you can find free castings calls online as well as work with platforms, such as Latitude Talent Studios, which are rated highly for beginners looking to get started.

How much do artists pay models?

Depending on the project, artists pay models based on their time and experience. Some art modeling jobs can pay as high as $1,000 or some pay none at all.

Ready to become an art model? With these 3 tips, you can be on your way to get started!


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