How to Find Management as a Model in New York

As a model venturing to New York or the most populous city of Manhattan, finding a model management firm or new york modeling agency may seem easy, as there are an abundance of top model management firms in New York, however securing placement is almost impossible for most models starting out. What most new model starting out do not understand is that top agencies including Ford Modeling New York may not be traditional modeling agencies. What is the difference between an agency and a management firm?

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That's a common question most talent have however the plain answer is simple: The primary focus of a modeling agency is to secure jobs where as the focus of a model management agency is to develop, mentor and nurture a new model as well as secure placement.

A traditional modeling agency takes 10% commission from any booked job. A model management company, including top male modeling agencies new york in New York may commonly take 20% commission from every booked job. All models and actors, regardless of the firm starting out traditionally have to invest in their own marketing when first getting started. Some type of agencies that sign talent exclusively may cover the cost upfront and take it from any booked job. Most firms, especially medium or boutique size companies that sign traditional talent require a talent already have their own materials before they will even work with the talent. That is also increasingly common for music artists as well. There are many top model management firms in New York that specialize in a variety of talent however, the majority almost exclusively work with editorial talent which focus on high fashion and runway. Traditional high fashion brands that you may see editorials features include Kate Spade and Prada. Top model management firms including Next Models work with top brands by submitting their roster of talent two breaks they receive. If you are a new model starting in New York it is first best to develop your own marketing before seeking representation from management. While attending open calls is a way to get seen instantly, more and more agencies are not holding open evaulations for talent and almost always expect a talent that attends an open call to come prepared with a full modeling portfolio or headshot that showcases their look.

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If you are an established model, or even after coming from a different market into New York City, it is best to focus your experience on a variety of projects. Casting directors and modeling scouts are almost always impressed with projects regardless of their size. Background work, extra roles in film, or local print ads impress NYC agencies as it shows that a talent has actively been performing in the business and getting paid for assignments. Remember a successful model or actor gets paid for bookings, so unless you are landing roles already, don't expect to easily land an agent. Talent marketing companies, including Latitude Talent Studios are a great entry for models and actors of all experience levels looking to get scouted by model management firms as well as attend open auditions to talent agencies. If you are ready to take the first step, visit online at

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