How much does a New York Model make?

Are you like most and wonder how much a model makes in a major market such as New York? Well the truth may surprise you. Becoming a model in New York is not only difficult, but almost impossible for many that don't fit the strict editorial requirements top modeling agencies place.

Major agencies including Ford Models, specialize in a vast variety of talent. Because their roster is so large, they're able to book a variety of casting jobs and may demand a higher pay for their clients.

So how much does an average model make?

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While that answer varies depending upon the client, how long the advertisement will run, where it's being featured and how much in demand the model that was placed for the ad is. Like most, a commercial print job average is usually under thousand dollars, however for major campaign's such as a Gucci editorial advertisement, could command as much as $10,000 or more.

Most models that come to New York pursue the industry on a part-time basis while working another job. On average, a full time model in New York could make approximately $30-50,000 a year which may include salaries from other jobs as mentioned.

Getting signed to an agency isn't the only option for models and actors!

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