Can a Model have Multiple Modeling Agencies?

Can you have multiple modeling agencies?

That is a common question Latitude Talent Studios receives from models and actors frequently.

To get signed to a modeling agency is a great accomplishment. Less than 5 percent on all models get signed to a modeling agency. To be signed to 2 modeling agencies is excellent and under most common modeling contracts, is permitted depending on the agency and whether or not you are signed exclusively.

Most talent agencies require models or actor’s to sign modeling management contracts that allow for only one agent or scout to management, market and develop talent in one area.

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An example is when a talent is signed to a New York modeling agency but resides in Miami and requires representation by a Miami Modeling Agency.

Most top modeling agencies such as Ford Models or Elite Models have different locations or satellite offices in major markets that allow talent to work with different divisions under one contract.

Always consult with your modeling agency or agent to see if it is permitted to sign with multiple talent agencies as contracts vary from agent to agent.

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