Top Modeling Agencies 2017

Are you looking to become a model? There is no easier way to get connected to casting jobs for print work, runway or major campaigns without the help of a legitimate modeling agency.

New York City is home to top model management firms and agents that groom and place models to lucrative campaigns however, there are literally hundreds of talent at any one given time vying for their attention.

How do you find Modeling Agencies? What has changed in 2017?

While it was standard practice to scout for models thought open casting calls, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook has allowed talent scouts to search for talent online, rather than solely relying on expensive casting sessions or open casting calls.

Latitude Talent Studios

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Latitude Talent Studios does not recommend new models even attempt to find an agency without the help of a professional marketing service.

Latitude Talent Studios


Well if you are lucky enough to get signed to a modeling agency, it could be the wrong one for you. The last thing a new model wants is to be stuck in a contract with an modeling agent they do not like.

Number 2: Starting off without the proper marketing could be detrimental to your future success with an agency.

Latitude Talent Studios

We recommend starting off small, growing your resume, understanding how the business works and then seeking out the top modeling agencies.

Latitude Talent Studios helps models of all experience levels create their own path in the entertainment community. See how we help both new and established models get started. Apply now at

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