Are modeling jobs posted on Craigslist safe?

To become a successful model, you must first develop professional marketing materials. Most talent, especially new models or actors starting out, try to fast track their way to success in the modeling industry by searching for modeling jobs and gigs on websites like Craigslist.

While it is possible to become an overnight success in entertainment, it is very rare. To become a successful model or actor, especially in New York, finding the right representation is the key to land modeling jobs and casting auditions.

Are Modeling Jobs on Craigslist Safe

So, are modeling jobs on Craigslist safe?

Craigslist is a renowned, world-wide website for people looking to connect with others online. Posting jobs and selling items without any type of registration or fee is very easy however, it does not verify postings allowing some illegitimate users to post jobs for models or actors.

Models looking into jobs or auditions on Craigslist should use extreme caution. Always verify the information by researching the company’s name to see what type of service they provide. If you are under 18, always consult with a parent before attending any type of audition or casting call.

A great option for models that is much safer, is to use a talent marketing service that does the work for you.

Latitude Talent Studios is a great company for models and actors looking to develop marketing materials that can used for submission to modeling, acting and talent agencies and opportunities worldwide.

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