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Casting Call Advice – Three tips to Ace your Audition!

Congratulations! You landed your first audition. Whether it is for a open casting call, private meeting or evaluation, you must make an impression on the director. Here are three top tips for New York models and actors to remember when attending your next casting call.

Tip 1 – Have a Strong Personality

Character casting calls for projects are not made up of flat, lifeless personalities. Each character role has a strong opinion about something.

Know what makes you more interesting than the average person and use that when auditioning.

Remember, you are not interviewing for a job, you are interviewing for a character- so act how you feel the character would act in real life!

Tip 2 – It’s okay to be nervous!

Sometimes the best thing you can do to alleviate your stress is to admit you’re nervous and move on! Be who you are. Casting directors know actors are nervous, but what impresses them is how you handle and over come it.

Tip 3 – Always be available

Make sure your phone accepts both private numbers and blocked numbers. Time and time again do we see talent who are requested for projects, but miss those opportunities simply because they did not answer the phone or return an email.

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