Can I become a model with tattoos?

Many aspiring talent of all ages wonder, can I become a model with tattoos?

While it is a very common question, the answer simply is yes, you can become a model if you have tattoos however, there is a draw back.

Modeling agencies, talent scouts and casting calls seeking models are casting talent for one reason, to find a male or female who represent their brand well.

Many talent, especially new models and actors, believe that the entertainment industry is glamour focused. While the industry does have its “Hollywood Side” new models and actors do not have name recognition and no matter how good looking you are, you are solely being hired to represent a brands image.

While some casting directors or casting calls do not call for models with tattoos, there are many opportunities out there, especially in New York City where auditions for models and new actors are abundant.

Where can you find casting calls for models with tattoos?

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