Model Go-See Advice

Model Go See, Advice

1. Before the modelling audition, research the company that is holding the casting call. Ensure that you have the qualities that they are looking for in relation to height, weight, even hair and eye color. This is to ensure that the audition is suitable to you, and you have what they are looking for.

2. Always arrive at the venue of your audition early. This gives you more than enough time to organize yourself. Showing up late not only sets a bad impression for you as a model, but it also means that you do not have time to collect yourself before the audition. This does not increase your chances in getting the modelling job when you arrive early, but it can be perfect for helping yourself out.

3. Consider packing something to read and water. This will keep you company in case you have to wait for longer than usual. The water will keep you hydrated as some places may not offer water or have a water fountain at your disposal. This can also give you time to calm your nerves.

4. Be pleasant to everybody before, during, and after the audition. These people are already in the modelling industry and you never know when you may come across them again. By having a great personality will make people want to work with you. You might be able to pick up some advice from people in the audition area.

5. Wear comfortable clothing. The casting directors will want to take a look at your body and for this reason you should not be overdressed or even underdressed might set off a bad example. You should also carry a change of outfits with you just in case they want to see you in several different looks. The casting directors will want to take a look at your natural face. The makeup artists will be able to put make up on you if they want it, and you should know in advance whether or not to dress up.

6. Be organized by having the headshots and resume that you have together. Ensure that you have them clipped together and stored safely in a folder or binder. If you have prior modelling experience make sure you have the information for that in the portfolio. This will give the casting directors a chance to look at the professional work you have done before and make a decision on what you can bring to the table. Once you are called in for your audition, make sure you are pleasant. Greet the casting director and the photographer and make sure you make eye contact. Listen to all the instructions that they may give you and follow them as best as you can.

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