The Truth About Model Scouts

Model Scouts, NYC Modeling Agency

Model Scouts, a glamorous profession most assume, but is it really? Latitude Talent Studios explains the truth about model scouts and talent scouting. Finding the next fresh face is a rewarding career, but is what it is all cracked up to be?

A model scout must have a keen eye for talent. While looks trend, such as the beard model type of 2015, finding a fresh faced, time-less talent is difficult.

Most talent scouts use resources including website profiles and even social media including Instagram and Facebook to connect and locate aspiring talent.

Talent scouts typically earn a commission from each model they discover. Terms and agreements with scouts and agencies vary. Traveling is a perk of the business, especially visiting major market locations. In the United States, major markets for model scouts include New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Model scouts use digital services to find new models. Latitude Talent Studios works with over 200 casting, talent and modeling agencies worldwide.

How does Latitude Talent Studios work? Latitude Talent Studios provides unparalleled exposure to agencies and scouts nationwide.

Whether you are a new model or actor looking to get signed to a modeling agency or a seasoned talent in search of new representation, Latitude has direct connections with verified agencies allowing you instant exposure to the entertainment industry.

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