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Looking for Modeling Jobs? Male modeling is a fun and exciting business to get started in but is it lucrative? The answer may surprise you.

While the modeling industry is typically dominated by female models, who can receive campaigns offers as high as seven figures in their first year, most male models are paid less than their counterparts.

“A typical male model can expect to make about $1,000 for a runway show depending on the designer” said Latitude Talent Studios, a NYC service for models and actors. A male model can be paid only in clothes in some cases.

While runway work is reserved for men between 5’11”-6’3 in height and between the ages of 15-30, commercial print work is much more lucrative and open to wider variety of looks and experience levels.

Print campaigns for major consumer brands including casting calls from Verizon Wireless or even Dove Chocolate can be $10,000 plus, while not common in all markets, scouting services such as Latitude are able to work with talent in smaller markets and get them discovered by agencies in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Latitude Talent Studios, a New York City based modeling and talent service, provides boutique marketing to talent of all experiences levels is a leader in discovering new talent and marketing them digitally across their unique platform.

Unlike a talent or modeling agent that works off a commission, typically 20% (not including expenses such as photoshoots, travel expenses and postage) models and actors who work with Latitude are responsible for their own marketing, which Latitude’s will set up with talent. “It allows talent to take charge of their career in a very affordable and attainable fashion.”

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