Tips For Teen Models and Actors

Tips for Teen Models and Actors

Are you an aspiring teen model or actor? Getting started in the entertainment business in your teenage years is a prime time to find casting calls, modeling agencies and scouts as there are many casting calls and opportunities for models and actors worldwide.

Latitude Talent Studios works with many teen models and actors and has 3 top tips to help you become a successful talent.

1. Get used to Rejection:

Every teen model or actor has heard this before but get used to it! It can take years (yes, years!) to become a successful model or actor. Attending auditions, open calls and castings is just like interviewing for a job and it takes more than just a good look.

With so many teen models and teen actors looking for their big break, casting producers and talent agencies can be selective. Good doesn’t cut it, you have to be great. Latitude frequently reminds talent, just because and agency is not interested in your look now does not mean they will not be in the future.

Don’t give up! If the entertainment business was easy everyone would be doing it. Never take anything personally and do not ask for feedback unless you are ready to handle it!

2. Find Free Casting Calls:

Finding free casting calls is not very easy as many casting producers choose to work with agencies over postings randomly online. it saves them time and money by having someone for the search for them. Talent should expect to pay to access casting calls from producers.

If you are not ready to invest in your career, why should an agent? Resume building is key. Never think you are above a unpaid gig!

3. Use a Talent Scout:

The brick and mortar concept for modeling and talent agencies is fading and social media usage on sites such as Facebook and Instagram propels unknown talent into the eyes of industry leaders.

Latitude Talent Studios, a New York City based modeling and talent service, provides boutique marketing to talent of all experiences levels is a leader in discovering new talent and marketing them digitally across their unique platform.

Unlike a talent or modeling agent that works off a commission, typically 20% (not including expenses such as photoshoots, travel expenses and postage) models and actors who work with Latitude are responsible for their own marketing, which Latitude’s will set up with talent. “It allows talent to take charge of their career in a very affordable and attainable fashion.”

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