Avoid Talent Scams – 3 Top Tips for Models and Actors

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Avoid Talent Scams – 3 Top Tips for Models and Actors

Most people dream of becoming a model or actor and many try to cut corners to get started. This business is hard work and success is hardly overnight. Unfortunately, talent can fall prey to modeling and acting scams. How do you know who you can trust? Is this modeling agency or agent legit? Look for these 3 signs to see if you are being taken for a ride.

Random Scouting – While there are such things as modeling scouts looking for new talent, they typically do not hang around booths at malls and local arenas. If you are approached, always ask for a business card to verify they are working for a real talent agency.

Talent Schools – Education is important but how important when it comes to modeling? Of course runway walking and casting call do’s and don’ts are great to know but if you’re not an editorial model, a runway walk is not very helpful. Spending thousands of dollars for a school is expensive and should be considered only if you can truly afford it.

High Pressure Tactics – Working with a talent agency should be a comfortable and a mutually beneficial decision. If a “scout” or someone claiming to work for an agency is pressuring you to sign immediately it could be a red flag. At Latitude, and most talent companies, we meet with many talent daily and when an offer is presented it is not an open invitation to join in the future. We never will pressure you to do something you are not ready for and remind talent to only purse this business when you are 100% committed.

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How does Latitude Talent Studios work? Latitude Talent Studios provides unparalleled exposure to agencies and scouts nationwide.

Whether you are a new model or actor looking to get signed, or a seasoned talent in search of new representation, Latitude has direct connections with verified agencies allowing you instant exposure to the entertainment industry.

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