Casting Call for roles in Degrassi-Next Class

NEW: Casting lead roles Degrassi: Next Class.

The casting call for Degrassi: Next Class is searching for 2 new roles for their next season.

Casting directors are casting the following roles:

  • Rasha (15, Open Ethnicity) – FEMALE Quick witted and sarcastic, Rasha comes to Degrassi, having relocated from the Middle East, ready to take on any and every high school experience.

  • Saad (16, Open Ethnicity) – MALE, Brooding and intense, Saad keeps his distance from the crowds of bubbly, babbling teens in Degrassi’s halls. To some, his self-imposed isolation reads as anger, and no one would blame him – he came to Canada and left his childhood home in the Middle East behind.

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