Realities of Modeling - Starting as a Model

Do talent agents charge money? That is a typical question every aspiring model or actor has and the real answer may surprise you.

To become a model or actor you do have to invest in marketing. If you get signed to a modeling or talent agency, some will front the cost of marketing (test shoots, comp cards and digital reel and/or media) as well as charge a 20% commission fee on any booked work.

If you do not book any work or your work does not cover the cost of the investment, you are responsible for the investment owed to the agency. Without prior paid bookings, it may be very difficult for an actor to get representation commission based.

Models typically have to develop a portfolio which, at the start of a models career, are a collection of photographs that show a talents versatility to a perspective casting client.

Agencies in major markets such as New York and Los Angeles, charge models a marketing fee, which is either a flat rate or monthly. It covers the cost to market you online. Models and actors are always charged for mailing costs which is typical in a smaller market.

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