How much do Models make?

Modeling can be a very lucrative career choice for some people. While top models can earn millions of dollars a year, the vast majority of everyday models earn anywhere between $125-$300 per hour for a print job, depending on the location and shoot.

Top markets in 2017 such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami can command more for a talent then a second market such as Boston or Chicago.

Examples of print work include work for department store catalogs that typically require no more than a full days’ worth of work.

Runway models can earn up to $10.000 for a runway show, however, most models earn around a thousand dollars for a higher end brand.

What are the Best Modeling Agencies for Models in New York City?

New York City is a very competitive market for models looking to get signed to a modeling agency. What are the best options for new models? What are the best agencies? Latitude Talent Studios has some suggestions. Based on talent experiences, here is a top pick!

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